Nobel physicist sits on street corner, answers questions

This is a cool vid.  It features Leon Lederman, the Director Emeritus of Fermilab (a big particle accelerator) near Chicago. In the video, Lederman sets up shop on a street corner in NYC and takes random questions about physics. It’s a neat idea.

I met Lederman when I was in high school. Fermilab had some kind of Saturday program for kids to come and learn about particle physics (your high school had to nominate you). God it was fun. They let us play with their computers (which was a big deal back then as none of us had computers at home, and the ones at school still had tickertapes (pre- punch cards)), we got lectures from the top physicists, including Lederman. That’s back when science was fun, before college ruined it for me. Sigh. (H/t the Atlantic)

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