Five Questions: Chris Pearson, VT state legislator and Progressive Party member

Another interview in our series, Five Questions, about American history, progressives, Democrats and the future.

Today’s interviewee is Christopher Pearson, state legislator from Vermont and member of that state’s Progressive Party — yes, Virginia, some states have a Progressive Party.

Chris’s fifth question has to do with the future of Vermont’s state-specific health care law, a version of single-payer. Interesting answer.

Note that Pearson is concerned, as I am, about global warming (climate catastrophe). Very thoughtful responses.

Five questions, Christopher Pearson with Gaius Publius, recorded at Netroots Nation 2012. Enjoy:

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These interviews will be concluded this week. Thanks for listening to them.

(If you have trouble with this audio, please let me know in the comments and I’ll address it as quickly as I can. Thanks.)


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