CNBC at its worse with Paul Krugman anyone wants to see just how offensive CNBC can be, you need to check out this episode from earlier in the week. If a sleazebag like Jamie Dimon was on the show, they’d all be getting in line to kiss his feet, much the way they do with the insufferable Jack Welch who padded his retirement from GE quite comfortably. (Welch is now in the business of giving his name to a for-profit school. The for-profit school industry has been under attack recently for leaving students in debt without any real skills, but that’s another story.)

Maybe it’s because Krugman has been right about the economy so much more than CNBC has been in recent years. In their defense, it’s hard to see what’s going on when you’re is under the table giving head to the goons of Wall Street who ruined the economy.

Krugman holds his own and gets in a lot of great points including the costs of the French healthcare system compared to the US, but the CNBC crew is ugly. It’s highly offensive but the Wall Street crowd gets off on abusive behavior. Especially when they’re wrong and the other person has been right all along.

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