Romney says nothing about immigration, otra vez

So, Romney just spent a weekend behind closed doors with his billionaire donors doing seminars on policy issues and answering all their questions. But, for the rest of America, he refuses to answer even basic questions, especially on immigration.

We still don’t know where Mitt Romney stands on the relief for DREAMers. And, his response to the SB 1070 decision has been pathetic, especially considering how nasty he was during the primaries. Back then, Romney couldn’t talk enough about vetoing the DREAM Act and self-deportation then. Now, he’s trying to hide his views.

Romney finally said a few words about immigration at a fundraiser in Arizona late yesterday.  But, as the report notes, it was the usual Romney gobbledygook:

This answer is marginally clearer than anything else the campaign has said on the issue today — and he does say he’d focus on immigration in his first year in office — but it still doesn’t address how Romney feels about the particulars of the law.

Some of the best headlines of the day, lay out the issue perfectly:
– Mitt Romney’s immigration headache becomes a full-on migraine
– Mitt Romney Leads on Immigration by Releasing Vague, Useless Statement
– VIDEO: Romney Spokesman Dodges 20 Questions On Romney’s Immigration Position

I loved Frank Sharry’s (America’s Voice) reaction to the whole thing: “[Mitt Romney] comes across like the school kid who says, ‘I know you are, but what am I.'”

Sharry is right. Romney is a niño.

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