Mitt Romney now says he never went to law school. His Harvard JD disagrees.

Mitt Romney today claimed that he never went to law school, even though he has a JD from Harvard.

I like having two sides. I didn’t go to law school, I didn’t practice law, but I like the idea of arguing points back and forth and sorting through them, and being able to probe, in some cases you need to go back and get more information.”

This particular Romney lie is part of his larger message that President Obama is a socialist (read: communist (read: Soviet)) trying to turn America into Europe, which apparently is a very bad place where people get 9 weeks vacation a year and young boys don’t grow boobs from drinking milk.

Of course, please ignore the fact that Mitt Romney went to live in Europe for two years (and spent one of those years in a palace in Paris), and that he and his wife own race horses that race in Europe all the time, and they like to go and visit.

Oh, and he speaks fluent French, too.

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