The most dangerous place for a child in America is between a Palin and a TV camera

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Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, matters because the media refuses to stop printing what this emotional and intellectual child has to say.

Then so be it. Let’s have a look at a unvarnished look at this “rising star” of the GOP.

Two weeks ago, Bristol weighed in about President Obama’s support for marriage equality. She opined that the President was failing to appreciate the important role fathers play in the lives of their children.

This from an unwed mom who refused to marry her child’s father, or even live with him.

But it gets better.

Bristol has a new “reality show” in which she moves to Los Angeles with her child, leaving the kid’s father 3,000 miles behind in Alaska.

And the show is specifically about how she’s raising a child without a dad, in part by choice (hard to involve a dad in your kid’s life when you move half a country away). This is a funny thing to do for someone who just lectured the President about the importance of fathers.

(In another interview a while back, Bristol revealed that she’s in no hurry to find a husband – aka, a father for her child. Again, after lecturing the rest of us about the importance of having a father for your child.)

Bristol’s other idea for a reality show, that got shot down, was using her kid in a comedy based on Three’s Company. Seriously.

The most dangerous place for a child in America is between a Palin and a TV camera. God help the Republicans if this is truly the best they have to offer.

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