Romney falsely claims Bush had better job growth than Obama

As Paul Krugman notes in the NYT, Romney is promising 500,000 jobs a month by returning us to the economic policies of the “wonderful” Bush years.

While everyone, including president Obama, would like to see the current jobs growth numbers be better, the numbers are still looking good compared to the Bush average numbers.  So how is Romney going to do better than Obama by returning us to Bush?

As Business Insider shows, even excluding the disastrous final year, Bush only generated an average of 65,000 jobs per month – compared to 131,000 per month under Obama. If you count everything, the number was an anemic 20,000.

Let Romney and the GOP talk lovingly about the good old days of jobs growth during the Bush years, and then give them the facts. Immediately after, give them a glass of water so they can swallow it all since the truth might get stuck in their throats.

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