Let’s not forget Trevor Thomas, a real Michigan progressive and primary candidate

As you may know, Trevor Thomas is running in the Michigan-03 House Democratic primary. Thomas is a real progressive, pro-woman’s rights, the whole thing.

His opponent in the primary is Steve Pestka, a former Michigan state lawmaker who voted to defund Planned Parenthood — and succeeded. Read the whole story here.

Will the DCCC back Steve Pestka in the general election, if he wins, after “sitting out” the primary? Will they use “Fight the War on Women” funds to help this killer of Planned Parenthood? Guess.

Will YOU back Trevor Thomas while there’s still time to help out? Only you know your answer to that.

This is me, asking you to say Yes. A real progressive coalition is built through primaries, by defeating neo-BlueDogs like Planned Parenthood–defunder Steve Pestka.



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