Kids today really do have it harder

It’s not always a popular opinion in a media (and boomer) world that loves to bash the Millenials, but at least one journalist gets it. When I went to college, my tuition started at $400 per quarter and after four years was $800 per quarter. I worked 35-40 hour weeks and double that in the summer to pay for school and a car. When I look at the cost of tuition these days, I don’t see how I could do it on my own as I did back int he 1980s.

My not-so-little nephew is heading to Purdue in the autumn for college and I still wonder how my sister will be able to afford it, even with him working. With student loan costs about to skyrocket because of the GOP, it’s a wonder how families can afford school.

It’s a very interesting read from the Toronto-based journalist. Some of the numbers will be different compared to the US – their real estate has not had the same problems as the US and US colleges are a lot more expensive – but the general theme remains the same. Read more about how times have changed at The Globe and Mail.

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