Blue States offer best economic mobility

It’s almost as though the Red States prefer keeping their population uneducated and in their (economic) place. For all of the griping about “northeast pinko socialist liberals” or whatever other silly remarks the GOP churns out, it’s hard to argue against the real world trend of economic mobility there.

Red State socialists and Blue State capitalists. If you want real opportunity to succeed move to the northeast and prosper. If you prefer being stagnant and going nowhere, stick to GOP land. Teabag this, GOP.

Reaching for the American dream? Your best chances are probably in New York, New Jersey or Maryland.

Those states are best at helping Americans move up the income ladder, both in absolute terms and relative to their peers, according to a groundbreaking new study from the Economic Mobility Project at the Pew Center on the States.

Generally speaking, states in New England and the mid-Atlantic had the most upwardly mobile residents, whereas states in the South had the least mobile populations.

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