“You don’t know me but…”

Fascinating idea:

When people who signed a petition against a gay-rights law had their names made public five months ago, sponsors predicted life was about to get tough for citizens who had only exercised their civic rights.

Death threats, vandalism and the loss of jobs all were forecast for supporters of traditional marriage, once their names and addresses were posted online….

So what ended up happening?

So far, just one thing: A “you don’t know me” letter from a man named Paul Thomasson.

“You don’t know me,” it begins, “but you may soon be in a position to have an effect on my life.”

Thomasson is a gay man in Seattle who is using the release of the names to write directly to people who backed that 2009 measure. His theory is they are the ones most likely to sign a new measure this spring that he strongly opposes: Referendum 74, to overturn gay marriage.

I love this idea. Not sure it’s going to change anyone’s minds. But it’s interesting, and different, and personal enough that you never know. I like the guy’s spirit too. He had an idea about how to change the world, and decided to do it.

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