Romney set to make 97th pivot

Flip Romney.  From Buzzfeed:

Mitt Romney’s big speech here Tuesday night is billed and staged to mark his pivot to the general election, intended to set the tone for the Republican’s campaign, and to lay out his overarching message. The title of the speech: “A Better America Begins Tonight.”

But this isn’t the first time the Romney campaign has tried to “pivot” to his upcoming contest with Obama — particularly according to the press. He tried it last January after winning the New Hampshire primary. He tried it in his Florida victory speech. He tried it throughout his cakewalk campaign in Nevada, then in Michigan, then, again, after Super Tuesday, when aides declared that it would “take an act of God” for Romney to lose the primary — and it was now time to focus on beating Obama.

A quick LexisNexis search returned 96 articles written since the first vote was cast in Iowa discussing a “pivot” to the general election on Romney’s part.
Will the 97th time be the charm?

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