Romney criticizes Obama for spending “too much time at Harvard” when Romney spent more

AP reporter Kasie Hunt just tweeted the following about Mitt Romney’s speech in Pennsylvania, happening now:

Romney says Obama has “spent too much time at Harvard, perhaps.” Romney spent more time attending Harvard than Obama did.

In fact, Obama spent 3 years at Harvard getting a law degree, while Romney spent at least 4 years there getting a JD and an MBA.

So to recap:

1. Romney criticizes Obama for spending too much time at Harvard.
2. Romney has spent more time at Harvard than Obama.

This is all part of Romney lying and flip-flopping about pretty much everything in his past, which is something you generally have to do when you run for president as a Republican after spending a lifetime as a flaming liberal from Massachusetts. Romney seems to have gotten advice that he should try to paint Obama as everything that Romney already is. Towards what end? Maybe the adviser thought he waters down Romney’s negatives into a he-said-he-said (“well, you know, Obama changes his story too”).

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