Obama approves drone strikes where identity of target is “unknown”

I hate to keep harping on this, but it’s unavoidable. Our testosterone-drunk nation is now (apparently) just fine, as in totally on board, with Obama using drones to kill the unknown, based only on a “signature” — a pattern of data in the intel matrix.

How is this not murder?

(This is the same way the NSA fingers your phone calls and email for permanent capture and storage, by the way — by matching the data in your call with a “signature” or profile related to word usage and other parameters.)

Here’s Cenk Uygur to explain:

Here’s the Washington Post story, if you want to read on.

You remember drone warfare, don’t you? It’s video games with a meat strike at the end. Obama seems especially fond of them.

Soon these deaths be telecast live on their very own cable network — The Coliseum Channel.

I hate to say it, but I do think Krugman is right, but for a different reason. There will be a Night of the Krell, when all of this mayhem turns against us. The dawn of that understanding will be dark indeed.

Sad days.


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