Mr. 14% Romney filed for tax extension due just before election

Politicians from both parties are already bad with transparency, but this is ridiculous. Mr. 14% tax rate has to be worried about discounted rate while regular working Americans suffer through this economy wondering how they will make ends meet. At the moment it sounds like he has his tax team on this to make it look less embarrassing for Romney. Who believes that his tax rate is suddenly going to look anything remotely like the unwashed masses? It’s going to take some work to make this anywhere near the rate that others are paying.

Romney will only be able to hide this information until October if everyone allows him to get away with it. Obama is now calling for Mr. 14% to release his taxes for the past 12 years, as Obama has already done. While Romney is at it, he needs to start explaining why he needs a secret Swiss account and billionaire Warren Buffet doesn’t. More from the Boston Globe.

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