Google Glasses is awfully cool

Is awfully cool?  Are awfully cool?

Google is working on a project to put the Internet into a pair of glasses.  They released a preview today, and it’s pretty darn cool.

I have to admit, I was intrigued when I first heard about this project, and also a bit confused as to how you might use the new Google Glasses. After watching the video, I’m sold.

I’m not entirely sure how I’d feel walking down the street wearing these things.  Once people know what they are, maybe, but first adopter?  Not sure I’m ready to be mistaken for a character on Deep Space Nine.  Also, will this be better or worse than a cell phone, in terms of taking people’s attention off the road while driving and walking?  I also worry about someone running by and yanking this off your face – my glasses are expensive but not very useful to a thief.  This little toy, more so.

I watched the Google video, above, and felt like I was watching the future.  It makes me think of my friend Skip who used to work at Apple on all sorts of cool things, including the iPhone (he died last fall in an accident).  He was quite literally helping to build the future, and he knew it, and he loved it.  Not that we’re not doing the same, in politics and with activism.  But there’s something that’s always particularly excited me about technology.  Nothing and no one can make me wake up early (thus the message from my mom earlier this week, at 10:40am, asking if I was still in bed), but the chance to go to my high school computer room, a few hours before class, and play computer games, even if it was that funky Star Trek game from the late 70s, there was no way I was gonna say no to that, even if it meant waking up a few hours early.

I know some people find some technology frivolous, and dehumanizing.  And I’m sure some of it is.  But technology can also change the way you think about, and see the world.  In this case, quite literally.

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