Gay Iowa teen kills self after bullying

Quite a large story from AP. Here’s an excerpt:

Kenneth, who attended South O’Brien High School in nearby Paullina, came out about a month ago to family and friends, and he quickly became the target of threatening cellphone calls, voicemails and online comments, his mother said.

His sister Kayla Weishuhn, a sophomore at the school, said her brother’s life took a marked turn for the worse after he came out.

“He was pretty popular, he had a lot of friends, but once they found out he was gay a lot of them turned on him,” she told Sioux City television station KCAU.

Now for the really bad part:

[Dan] Moore [the superintendent of the South O’Brien Community School District] said the district has no plans to change its policies, but that it is still examining the circumstances surrounding Kenneth’s death and will explore ways of better impressing upon students that bullying is unacceptable.

Right, I mean if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  Jesus.

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