Reuters weighs in on NOM’s plan to incite a race war


A confidential memo saying the best way to fight same-sex marriage is to drive “a wedge between gays and blacks” and manipulate Latinos drew criticism on Wednesday in the weeks ahead of a vote to ban gay marriage in North Carolina.

The memo written by the National Organization for Marriage was made public late Monday as part of a lawsuit in Maine, where voters will consider a November referendum to legalize gay

The previously confidential memo outlined a number of strategies aimed at increasing opposition to gay marriage among Latinos and blacks as a way of undermining the argument that gay
rights are equivalent to civil rights.

“It’s really quite appalling that they would try to divide portions of the country along racial lines,” said Stuart Campbell, executive director of Equality North Carolina, a group
leading opposition to a May 8 referendum on whether to change the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage.

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