Krugman on Cato integrity—they were “insufficiently hackish” for the Koch Bros

I can’t resist: Schadenfreude, c’est moi. The Professor delivers the shiv:

Via Brad DeLong, I see that the Kochs are trying to take over Cato, which they view as insufficiently hackish.

They must have high standards in this regard; after all, Cato is, among other things, a place that had something called the Project on Social Security Privatization, which it renamed the Project on Social Security Choice when it turned out that “privatization” polled badly — and tried to purge its records, to make it look as if they had never used the word privatization.

There’s more, of course, but why bother?

Is Cato a client state that sometimes does good work, and only sometimes?

Do you still need to ask?


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