Is Michelle Obama stumping for gay marriage?

First Lady Michelle Obama mentioned the right to “love whomever we choose” in a recent fundraising trip to NYC.  And although she’s said that phrase before at events, this time it’s gotten noticed.  Why was the phrase non-controversial before, yet causing controversy now?

Because the issue of marriage equality, aka gay marriage, is moving at a faster clip than politicians can keep up with.  On its own, organically, marriage has become the putative number one issue for many in the gay community.  In part because of all the anti-gay ballot initiatives in the states this fall (but also a pro-gay one in Maine), in part because it’s been 500 days since the President claimed to be “evolving” on the issue, and in part because of a growing number of victories on the issue in the courts.

For whatever reason, gay marriage is a hotter topic today than it was a year ago.  And the President, and the party, are finding that what was kosher to say six months, even one month, ago, now stirs controversy.  The best thing the President could do is make this issue go away, now.  And the only way he can do that is to evolve already.

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