Family Research Council email: “Rush is Right”

There’s a reason the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled the religious right group Family Research Council an official hate group.

The group’s C4, FRC Action, sent an email today about some voter registration tour it’s doing, and the title of the email is “Rush is right.”  They’re  being cute with that title.  It sure seems that they’re trying to get people to think that they mean Rush is right about calling law student Sandra Fluke a “sl*t” for testifying before Congress about the medical necessity of birth control for some women.

Think about that.  A group that claims to be a Christian organization seems to be playing off of calling a woman a “sl*t” in order to get more traction on a donor email.

Even if they weren’t trying to make people think that they meant Rush is right about calling Fluke a sl*t, why would any Christian group associate itself with Limbaugh in the middle of this controversy?

But of course, a Christian group wouldn’t.  But a hate group would.

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