CNN’s Piers Morgan takes down Kirk Cameron’s bigotry, deliciously

You might recall that former teen heartthrob, now evangelical preacher and anti-gay bigot, Kirk Cameron did an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan recently in which he said some pretty nasty things about gay people.

Cameron is upset about the criticism he received, so yesterday he lashed out at Morgan on CBS and Fox, claiming Morgan released his comments out of context in order to start a political bonfire among the gays. (The funny thing is that people were upset with Morgan at the time for calling Cameron’s comments courageous.)

Piers Morgan replied by Twitter:

Not willing to take things lying down, Morgan responded to Cameron’s finger-pointing on Twitter, saying, “Kirk Cameron is moaning everywhere today that I stitched him up by releasing a 4-second ‘soundbite’ re his comments on gay marriage. These are the 4 seconds: homosexuality is ‘unnatural..detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization’. Mr Cameron ‘stands by the comments’, despite his whining. So I’ll let others decide if he was stitched up…or just a bigot. Re #KirkCameron, I respect his religious beliefs — just don’t respect his use of bigoted, inflammatory language re homosexuality. End.”

At the risk of saying this in two posts in a row: Bra-vo.

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