Why is the only good Republican a “conservative” Republican?

Rick Santorum suggests today that only “conservatives” are good Republicans. Why? Someone should ask him why you have to be a conservative to be a good Republican. Why can’t you be a moderate Republican, or a liberal Republican? Why is it only people on the far right of the party who are “real” Republicans? It’s a fascinating point, and one that has become dogma within the GOP, if only because moderate and liberal Republicans are such wimps they rarely stick up for themselves.

From Zeke Miller at Buzzfeed:

“It’s absolutely laughable to have a liberal governor of Massachusetts say that I am not a conservative,” Santorum said, attacking Romney’s tax plan.

Santorum then unloaded on Paul, responding to his charge on Wednesday night that he is ‘a fake.’ “Let’s see who’s calling who a fake,” Santorum said. “His conservative rating has been one of the worst in Congress. His conservative rating is as bad as some liberal democrats, maybe it’s for different reasons. He’s no conservative.”

Again, so what? Why doesn’t the media ask ask people like Santorum to explain why you have to be a conservative to be the candidate? It seems conservative Republicans keep busting the budget and getting us into wars. Could moderate Republicans really be worse?

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