Washington House approves marriage equality, goes to governor who will sign


And now the biggest want a referendum to do what they always do – use fear to get the masses to oppress minorities.

Apparently one of the Republican House members was very upset about all the, oh, I’ll let you read how the Stranger described the debate:

We begin with attempts—once again—to add another amendment that would protect people whose “conscience” prohibits them from supporting gay marriages. Rep. Roger Goodman (D-45) notes that the bill already includes such protections, and that this new proposed amendment would sneakily blow a hole in Washington’s equal protection laws. The proposed amendment is voted down.

More talk about all the florists and cake-bakers and tuxedo renters and wedding planners whose consciences are about to be crushed by this… “And they were florists,” Rep. Matt Shea (R-4) says of his forebearers. “They raised tulips!”

Yes, all those florists who now will have to sell flowers to gay people. What ever will they do? Oh God, there’s video – watch starting at 2:14:15 The florist, the florist, what about the florists! The guy looks like, and sounds like, someone who time traveled from 1950s Alabama. He thinks America has a history of permitting “conscientious objectors” to opt out of civil rights laws. Uh, no we don’t. And they’re not called conscientious objectors, they’re called bigots.

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