Sam Arora’s got a secret

Sam Arora has a secret.

One of Sam Arora’s top aides just quit.  Good for him.  But don’t be fooled.  Arora’s vote against marriage equality had nothing to do with his religion.  Arora had the same religion when he was running for office and rabidly pro marriage equality, when he was sworn in and rabidly pro marriage equality, and the first two months of office when he was rabidly pro marriage equality.  Then, suddenly, over 3 days in February, something happened, no one knows what, and Arora magically had “religious” concerns, and voted against marriage equality.

How do you have religious concerns if you already considered those religious concerns, and dismissed them, multiple times over the preceding year?

Please folks, don’t fall for the “it’s his religion” crap.  If it were his religion, he’d have had a problem with marriage from the beginning, and he didn’t.  He only had a problem after something mysteriously happened over a 3 day period in February of last year.  The very fact that Arora can’t enunciate what happened, refuses to answer phone calls and emails from close friends about what happened, suggests that what actually did happen is a lot worse than simply “his religion.”

Arora owes the voters a clear explanation of why over a three day period last February his vote on marriage equality suddenly changed.  He’s not a liar.  He’s someone with a secret.  And his constituents, and every one who donated to his campaign, deserves to know what Sam Arora’s secret really is.

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