Oklahoma GOP trying to reinstate DADT for local National Guard

And supposedly the federal government may have to cut of hundreds of millions of dollars of state National Guard funds if that happens.

Cut em off.
Nothing would make me happier than to watch an already not very rich state grow even more impoverished because of its own bigotry.  And here’s a two-fer.  Next time there’s a natural disaster in Oklahoma, who are they gonna call if they don’t have a National Guard in place?
Seriously.  Maybe it’s just time we let the southern bigots metaphorically hang themselves by their own bigotry.  Virginia (surprise) tried the same thing last year and failed.
No I don’t want people discriminating against gays.  But at some point, it’s tempting to let the south (and near-south ilk) go as backwards as they wants to go.  If Oklahoma bigots want to waste $300 million that they don’t have call their bluff.  Then let the Republicans explain to Oklahomans why they have no more money for vital state services.
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