Multiple news outlets press White House on Prop 8 decision

From Chris Johnson at the Blade:

Asked by NBC News whether the Ninth Circuit court decision will inform Obama’s evolution on marriage, Carney said the ruling had come out too recently for him to provide an answer.

“The decision was made within the hour before I came out here, so I haven’t had that conversation,” Carney said.

American Urban Radio pressed Carney further about when Obama’s evolution would come to an end and whether that would take place before June or the general election. Carney, however, said he “doesn’t have a timetable.”

“As the president discussed when he answered this question a while back, this is a process that involves his faith and the way he views these issues,” Carney said.

You’ll recall that AMERICAblog’s own Joe Sudbay was the reporter who initially got President Obama to say he’s “evolving” on the question of gay marriage. But as the reporter above asked, how long is this evolution expected to take?

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