MLK ally Bayard Rustin at 100

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Bayard Rustin at 100
Rediscovering a Forgotten Hero

Known as the “invisible man” of the civil rights movement, Bayard Rustin was a mentor to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Artfully bringing Gandhi’s techniques of nonviolence from India to America; Rustin organized the 1963 march on Washington D.C., the largest demonstration to date in American history. Rustin set the stage for a movement that captured the hearts and minds of millions of Americans. Yet despite his pivotal contributions, Rustin was expunged from history largely for being openly gay.

Beginning its 9th year, the Out at CHM series explores the contributions LGBT communities have made to Chicago and the nation. On Thursday, February 9, 2012, Chicago Urban League President Andrea L. Zopp moderates a discussion on Rustin’s enduring legacy with filmmaker Bennett Singer, co-director of the acclaimed documentary Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin, and Rustin’s surviving life partner Walter Naegle.

The evening will also explore how Rustin is being rediscovered by a new generation of Americans committed to social and economic justice. During the conversation, film clips from Brother Outsider will be shown to add context to the life of this unknown hero. For more information please visit

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