Mitt Romney has baptized the deceased into Mormonism

Over at the main site, John has a post about Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel calling on Mitt Romney to denounce the Mormon Church’s continued practice of baptizing deceased Jews into Mormonism without their families’ knowledge or permission. Wiesel is speaking out because Mormons were about to baptize his dead parents without his permission. This is an understandable thing to get upset about. The Washington Post quotes his explanation for why he is calling on Romney to speak out:

Romney “is now the most famous and important Mormon in the country,” Wiesel said. “I’m not saying it’s his fault, but once he knows, morally he must respond. . . . He should come out and say, ‘Stop it.’ ”

What’s particularly explosive about this story is that Mitt Romney has himself performed baptisms of the deceased. Newsweek asked Romney about it:

When asked by Newsweek if he has done baptisms for the dead—in which Mormons find the names of dead people of all faiths and baptize them, as an LDS representative says, to “open the door” to the highest heaven—he looked slightly startled and answered, “I have in my life, but I haven’t recently.”

John notes that Romney won’t say if he’s personally baptized any Jews who were killed during the Holocaust, but this is an area where he must be forthright or risk even greater alienation because of what he’s done under the mantle of his faith.

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