Hateful bigoted Tennessee is at it again

Tennessee was a slave state. Big surprise there. I don’t why anyone would do business in this state. They go out of their way to bash gays. Again, big surprise that they were a slave state. Like far too many states, they seem to find their bigotry a badge of honor. Especially Tennessee Republicans, who were famous for their racist attacks on the President and First Lady during the 2008 campaign.

Last year Tennessee repealed every municipal civil rights ordinance in the state, and banned new ones (we wouldn’t want black people, among others, getting too many rights). This time they’re banning the word “gay” in Tennessee schools, likely in the hopes that gay kids will simply kill themselves when they can’t get help from their teachers and counselors.  The only slim silver lining is that if they pass this legislation, and some kid does hurt themselves or get hurt, this can be used as proof of animus and hopefully get the kid and his family millions in a lawsuit.

Hateful bigoted place, Tennessee. Remember that the next time you have the option of passing through the state, working there, or otherwise. Spend your money elsewhere.

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