GOP Senator Marco Rubio raised, still technically, a Mormon

And Rubio was apparently quite excited for a while about being Mormon. From Buzzfeed:

In the compelling personal narrative that has helped propel Florida Senator Marco Rubio to national political stardom, one chapter has gone completely untold: Rubio spent his childhood as a faithful Mormon.

Rubio was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with his family at around the age of eight, and remained active in the faith for a number of years during his early youth, family members told BuzzFeed.

Rubio apparently isn’t happy that the story got out:

A sign that Rubio’s aides see the story as potentially damaging: BuzzFeed’s inquiries appear to have sent them into frantic damage-control mode, and after email inquiries from BuzzFeed — but minutes before Conant responded with a phone call this morning — a brief item appeared on the blog of the Miami Herald mentioning the Senator’s religous past. Conant said Rubio planned to discuss his time as a Mormon in his forthcoming book.

And officially Rubio is still considered a Mormon by the Mormons themselves (then again, who don’t the Mormons consider Mormon?)

Conant told BuzzFeed that Rubio never requested to have his name removed from the LDS Church’s records, which means officially, the church is likely still counting him as a member.

Now, some in the media are already claiming that it’s unfair to call Rubio a Mormon since he was just a kid at the time, it would be more accurate to say “his parents were Mormon.”

Really? Have any of you guys ever been to church? You’re not NOT a Christian until you’re 18 years of age and can decide for yourself. That’s just not the way it works. Not to mention, according to the Buzzfeed story, Rubio enthusiastically embraced his new Mormon faith.

And for a number of years during his early adolescence, that meant enthusiastically encouraging participation in his family’s new church.

“He was totally into it,” Michelle recalled. “He’s always been into religion. Football and religion. Those were his things.”

Over the years, he and his cousins frequented LDS youth groups, attended church most Sundays—often walking to the chapel because his mother didn’t know how to drive—and latched on to the mainstream Mormon culture that was easily accessible in LDS-heavy Nevada.

Man, there is a lot about this man’s background that just isn’t adding up lately. First we find out that he lied about his family’s background in Cuba, and now that he was raised, and technically still is, a Mormon.

This complicates things, to say the least, for Rubio’s vice presidential chances. Is Mitt Romney seriously going to have a double Mormon ticket, while trying to convince the country that he’s not the Mormon candidate?

So did Marco Rubio every participate in any baptisms for the dead?

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