GOP debate audience boos CNN for daring to ask question about birth control

The Republicans on the Hill just held a hearing on birth control (all male, of course) and I believe I read they’re planning a second. And the GOP presidential candidates had a field day going after President Obama for doing what Mitt Romney did in Massachusetts, requiring employer health insurance plans to cover birth control. So clearly the Republicans have made a huge issue out of birth control these past few weeks.

So then why did the GOP debate audience last night boo CNN for asking a question about birth control? The reaction suggested the crowd felt it was a “gotcha” topic. But how could it be? It’s the GOP that made this a huge topic of debate the past few weeks. Or is the audience embarrassed by the issue, because they’re losing badly on it in recent polls (even Catholics agree with President Obama over their own bishops)?

Well, if you’re too embarrassed to be asked about social issues, then don’t put them at the top of your agenda. I’d have liked to have seen John King fight back a little on that one.  He should have asked the candidates if they think it’s fair to ask about birth control, then tripped them up with their own statements over the past two weeks about President Obama’s contraceptive insurance plan.

More from the Daily Beast:

Earlier, moderator John King raised the question of birth control—eliciting boos from the audience. Meanwhile, the candidates were frothing at the mouth. Newt Gingrich immediately lashed out at King, demanding why moderators never asked President Obama about his vote as an Illinois senator for “infanticide.” He then called Obama a baby killer and said he was more of an extremist than any of the GOP candidates. Romney chimed in to say there’s never been an administration in America more opposed to religious freedom. Santorum argued that teen sexuality should be a reason why contraception shouldn’t be free, and then shifted his focus to defunding Planned Parenthood and fractured families.

What a surprise, Newt Gingrich angrily lashes out at the moderator. Can you imagine what it must be like to be married to this guy?

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