Gay Canadian painter Steve Walker dies

I was actually not familiar with his work.  I’m told he’s a big deal.  His paintings are great.  Very photo-real.  From Popgoesthenews:

Celebrated Canadian artist Steve Walker, whose work focused on scenes of men together, is dead at 50.

Born in Ottawa, Walker was 19 when he moved to Toronto to study theatre at university. Deeply affected by the impact HIV/AIDS had on the gay community, he gave up his goal of being an actor and started to paint.

“Maybe, just maybe, I could help find a cure for the hatred, fear, and ignorance that surrounded so many young men around the world as they lay in hospital beds and drew the last breaths of unfinished lives,” he wrote.

Walker said his paintings portrayed themes of love, attraction, hope, despair, loneliness and “the power of a person touching another.”

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