Former progressive, now anti-gay queen, Sam Arora takes name off marriage equality bill in Maryland

The Maryland House’s version of marriage equality legislation was introduced today, and one name was notably absent: Sam Arora’s. You remember Sam Arora. He got elected with the help of a lot of Netroots friends in Washington, DC by promising to be a progressive Democrat. Among other things, Arora promised when he ran for office that he would be an ardent support of gay rights and gay marriage. And he was, for a few months, until something happened behind closed doors and suddenly Arora’s position changed. He’s now an anti-gay bigot. But he still won’t say what happened behind the scenes that “changed” his mind. I’ll leave it to you to guess what kind of things “change a politician’s mind” in private, but it’s usually nothing good.  It is odd that Arora won’t come out and tell his constituents what happened.

Sam Arora better enjoy the next few years in office because they’ll be his last in Democratic politics. Remember his name.  Because we will.

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