Video: The gay rights movement

Good video.  Though Pam’s concerns are spot on.  This is a short video representative of the larger history of the modern gay rights movement.  A lot of stuff was missing between the really old stuff from the 50s/60s and bullying/DADT (circa 2010/2011). Like Timothy McVeigh in the late 90s, a huge DADT story and our only court victory at that point, or the campaign against Dr. Laura Schlessinger in 2000, again huge in that it was the first TV boycott that actually worked. Or how about the rise of the gay Internet (which both of those campaigns deal with).

There’s also the issue of the video including a lot of white guys and almost nobody black, Asian (one shot of Dan Choi), or female.  I sometimes think the PC desire for inclusion can go too far, but in this case, there are women, for example, who have made a difference, who could have easily been included, such as Clinton HUD appointee Roberta Achtenberg, a number of the DADT women, or Elizabeth Birch during her time at HRC (I think there was even a quick shot of current HRC head Joe Solmonese, why not Birch too?).  Or just some photos of lesbians getting married in California or elsewhere.

I’m not a fan of false inclusion.  Meaning, what reporters do sometimes to make sure their stories seem “fair” – if they’re too critical of Republicans, because Republicans have been doing most of the lying, the reporter makes sure to even the story out with lots of Democrats doing bad things too, making it look incorrectly like the Dems have been just as bad as the Republicans.  But it’s hardly a stretch to say that there were more women and minorities who had a lead role in our movement than what was suggested in this clip.

And then there’s the issue of trans people. This clip clearly seems to be a gay, and LGBTQIAA, documentary.  Is that okay nowadays?

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