Top 10 posts of 2011 on AMERICAblog Gay

These are the top 10 most read posts on AMERICAblog Gay in 2011, starting with the most popular post:

1. Obama slams GOP for booing gay soldier during debate

2. US gay rts activist Fmr. Lt. Dan Choi, others beaten at Moscow gay pride. Choi asks you to co-sign open letter to Sec. Clinton.

3. Senior White House aide: 1996 Obama gay marriage questionnaire is a fake, even though Obama signed it

4. Even more gay stuff uncovered in that Rick Perry ad

5. 70 year old man stoned to death because Bible says to stone homosexuals

6. Vouchers to download and give to the Salvation Army anti-gay bigots

7. Nissan, Comcast, FedEx, AT&T; on verge of getting gay/trans rights law pulled in Nashville

8. Raging question in Annapolis: What happened to Sam Arora’s support for marriage?

9. Bigots accidentally strip health benefits from retired cops & firemen in El Paso

10. Sam Arora donor Karl Frisch wants money back, calls on others to do same

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