Romney wins all 50 Florida delegates

The view from Twitter:

“@postpolitics: ANALYSIS: Romney’s clear win hurts Gingrich’s try to call race choice between establishment & people:”

“@markos: RT @AriBerman: 1 % of GOP primary voters were Jewish, down from 3 % in ’08, according to @galbeckerman. So much for Obama’s “Jewish problem””

“@HuffPostMedia: CNN shows a pic of Romney watching…CNN announce his victory in Florida. Another red flag for Tea Partiers: no Fox News! #FLprimary”

“@taylormarsh: Romney ‘Shellacks’ Gingrich in Florida; they split Tea Party vote & women went for Romney by 30 points or so.”

“@JoeMyGod: RT @thehill: All 50 Florida delegates go to Romney; he said, “Today is the most important thing in the world .” #tcot”

“@HuffPostMedia: Mitt Romney won women by 51-29: ‘the mother of all gender gaps,’ Ari Fleischer says on CNN. #flprimary”

“@TheFix: 80% of #FLprimary voters identified themselves as Republicans. In that group, Romney 48, Newt 34.”

“@ggreeneva: [email protected] wins #FLprimary. It’s the best victory a 65-to-1 advantage in ad time can buy.”

“@downwithtyranny: Newt lost Florida women by over 20% but only lost males by 5%. I wonder why women don’t like Newt.”

“@joshgreenman: Paul at just 7%. I know he didn’t campaign much, but Paul support shouldn’t depend upon ads and appearances.”

“@nytimespolitics: Romney Wins Big in Florida Primary”

“@TheFix: Electability matters: 45% of #flprimary voters said beating Obama was most impt quality in a candidate — Romney won by 25 over Newt.”

“@newtgingrich: 46 States to Go! Donate today and help us defeat Obamneycare. 1 million dollar money bomb.”

“@sullydish: Second big finding of exits: almost 40% of Republicans were dissatisfied with choices available: #FLprimary #liveblog”

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