Religious right leader worried about Romney’s “almost obsessive devotion to the homosexual agenda”

From Right Wing Watch:

Steve Baldwin, the former executive director of the Council for National Policy, an influential conservative policy group founded by Tim LaHaye, went on the Steve Deace show yesterday to discuss why he thinks a President Romney would be disastrous for the country and the Republican Party.

Deace: Does Mitt Romney have a history of supporting homosexual issues beyond the gay scoutmasters thing that we saw from 1994? What did he do in Massachusetts when he was governor?

Baldwin: Oh my goodness. Gay proclamations, gay dances, gay proms, gay assemblies, gay this, gay that. He had an entire commission called the Governor’s Commission, which served at his own discretion, and they funded gay events and programs in the schools. He promoted all kinds of laws, rules, internal, a lot of internal things, like his department of social services awarded Family of the Year, Parents of the Year, to a gay couple. He appointed homosexual leaders to key positions throughout his administration. I mean, his whole administration was characterized by a an almost obsessive devotion to the homosexual agenda. I would venture to say that Mitt Romney was the most aggressive pro-gay governor in American history, either party. Period. I mean Amy Contrada wrote a thousand page book documenting hundreds of actions by this man to advance the homosexual agenda. Hundreds. He was obsessed with it. You gotta start wondering here.

Right Wing Watch says the claim that Romney is obsessed with gay rights is “dubious.” But from a religious right perspective, the claim is not entirely unfounded. Romney claimed to be not just as pro-gay as Ted Kennedy, but actually better for gay rights than Ted Kennedy. And you don’t get much better than Ted Kennedy on gay rights.

I realize that Romney is trying to play all conservative for the GOP primary masses, but the man is super pro-gay, and has been for decades. Now, that doesn’t guarantee that he’s going to be pro-gay in office – Romney is, if anything, a political chameleon, happy to change his position for the highest bidder. But for the religious right, that already got burned by Ken Mehlman, it’s understandable why a Romney presidency gives them pause. If Romney sees it to his advantage, it could be like putting Ted Kennedy in the White House, at least as far as social issues are concerned.  And I doubt the religious right would be too happy about that,

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