Could Colbert actually win in South Carolina?

At least some establishment figures are worried that Colbert might cause an upset in the Romney coronation. CNN has a blistering anti-Colbert opinion piece pointing out that Colbert’s platform is a travesty, calling for more unemployment, more wars, more inequality. In other words what George W. Bush wanted to do and did and what George W. Romney and George W. Santorum and George W. Gingrich want and plan to do.

Colbert knows what he is doing, South Carolina does not have same day registration but registered voters can vote in the primary of either party. Colbert has already racked up a 5% showing amongst Republicans. Nobody is polling Democrats of course but it is probably safe to assume that 90% of Democrats motivated enough to vote will go for Colbert. The unknown quantity is turnout.

If Colbert wins it will in effect be a win for ‘none of the above’. Instead of leaving SC three for three, Romney will head into Super Tuesday having lost to a joke candidate. Not good for any candidate but a catastrophe for the ‘inevitable’ nominee.

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