Using cocaine to treat ADD? Hmm…

This new article in the Atlantic is sure to make waves.  Before judging, I’d want to hear from some serious medical people as to whether this is even vaguely a good idea. One thing in particular bothered me in this article:

During the hour-long consult with Hallowell, I answer a battery of diagnostic questions, which we then discuss at relative length:

Were you considered an underachiever in school? (Yes.)

Given an unexpected chunk of free time, do you often find that you don’t use it well or get depressed during it? (Yes.)

Do you often find that you have an itch you cannot scratch, an appetite for something “more” and you’re not sure what it is? (Yes.)

If you have ever tried cocaine, do you find that it helped you focus and calmed you down, rather than making you high? (Yes.)

And so on.

I hear questions like that and I think “phony fortune teller.” But again, I want to hear from the experts (though I do think this could easily give kids the “I read it in the Atlantic” excuse before doping up now).  Read the article for yourself. I’ll be very curious to watch the fall out from this.

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