Politifact wins own “lie of the year” after letting Paul Ryan rig the results

Remember two weeks ago when I warned you that Paul Ryan was trying to rig Politifact’s “Lie of the Year”? Well, he succeeded. Ryan asked his grassroots minions to rig Politifact’s poll, to vote en masse to call the Demcorats’ (correct) charge that the Republicans were ending Medicare, the “lie of the year.”

And Politifact did just that, based on the rigged voting of political partisans.

I’ll let Steve Benen explain why the Democrats’ charge isn’t even a lie. But for an organization that calls itself a fact checker to permit partisans to rig the vote for the “Lie of the Year,” is pretty abominable. Politifact actually had people vote, online. An online poll. The kind of thing you do when you want to gin up traffic, not when you want to pick the most important policy deception of the year.

You don’t pick the biggest political lie of the year by asking partisans to vote on it – all you’ll end up getting is a tally of who got more of their people to skew the poll.

The lie of the year is Politifact itself.

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