Hillary gives historic UN address on gay human rights, speaks for good half hour

It was a major speech.  And one that wasn’t promoted very well (I’ll be writing about the administration’s ongoing belief that it doesn’t need to promote its own good works).  Hillary spoke for over half an hour about gay and trans human rights at the UN.  It was an amazing speech, truly historic.

I just wish the administration had bothered telling anyone it was coming, at least to tell people to watch it because it was going to be big. These speeches always always always at best mention the words gay and trans, or lgbt, and that’s it – for the entire speech to be devoted to gay and trans human rights, at the UN, for an entire half hour, is huge – it should have been promoted more than simply telling people she was speaking today about something.  A reader just asked me where I can find a video copy of the speech (“do you know where I can find video of the speech?”).  I told them I have no idea because no one in the administration has bothered telling anyone where it might be.  That’s the kind of thing good PR people do.  Again, more on that later.

I have a rough transcript over at AMERICAblog Gay.

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