Are gay and trans Catholics just like gay Republicans?

Ned Flaherty’s letter to the editor of the Chicago Phoenix:

Many other religious and political groups respect and appreciate LGBT people, yet LGBT Catholics and Log Cabin Republicans refuse to move from the organizations that most revile them into groups where they’re not hated. When they request to speak with their leaders, they have to wait years to get a short chat that accomplishes nothing, they rejoice if they detect a few crumbs of temporary respect, and then they hang on for more rounds of abuse. Like battered wives who excuse violence from abusive husbands because both spouses are mentally ill (in different ways), LGBT Catholics and Log Cabin Republicans always hope that things will get better if they just keep sending in more cash. So church and party officials keep cashing their checks.

Anyone has a right to join the Catholics or the Cabineers to be mistreated privately, but no one should fund hateful initiatives directed at all of society. LGBT Catholics and Cabineers need to realize that they’re not just funding their own oppression. They’re funding everyone else’s, too.

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