The changing Republican primary landscape

Over at AMERICAblog Elections: The Right’s Field, I have a post looking at the shifting narrative in the Republican presidential primary race. Mitt Romney has been running on a platform of inevitability, but he hasn’t exceeded the 20s in the polls. We’ve seen a few different Not Mitt candidates surge, but now Gingrich is in the lead. With the Newt surge coming so close to the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary, will Romney be able to hold on when the biggest argument his campaign is using is that he’s the guy to beat?

Matt Browner-Hamlin is a blogger & political strategist based in Washington, DC. He has written about US politics since 2004. He's worked on presidential and Senate campaigns, in the labor movement and the Tibetan independence movement. He is the founder of and currently spends much of his time fighting Wall Street banks. Matt on Google+, and his .

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