Religious right leaders admit Romney’s Mormonism matters to evangelical electorate

In a long article in which the leadership of the religious right claims, repeatedly, that far right Christian voters don’t care if Romney is a Mormon, suddenly two of them let slip that, yeah, they care. From HuffPo:

In fact, the problem for Romney with many conservatives and evangelicals, [Souther Baptist leader Richard] Land said, is that they do not think he has been “Mormon enough” because of his flip-flops on abortion and gay marriage in particular.

“That’s what’s more of a challenge for Mitt Romney,” said [hate group Family Research Council head Tony] Perkins. “His past positions on many of these issues are not where most Mormons are. That’s more of a level of discomfort.”

Hallelujah, they finally admitted it. The Mormons have been wooing religious right political activists for years (in a large part via their profligate spending in anti-gay civil rights advocacy). And part of the reason – hell, probably most of the reason – has been to aid Romney’s eventual presidential run. And clearly Romney hopes to convince evangelical Christians that his Mormonism is right in line with their conservative evangelical world view.

So, if you agree with Romney’s Mormonism then it’s okay to vote for him based on that (which is what both Land and Perkins admit – it is Romney’s Mormonism, and his adherence to it, that will swing evangelical voters). But if you have issues with Romney’s Mormonism it’s not okay to consider it come election time.

Fabulous double standard the far right is creating here. Romney’s Mormonism is relevant if you vote for him, it’s irrelevant and downright bigoted if you vote against him.

And I’ll say it again: If Romney were a Scientologist or a Muslim you’d better believe the religious right, and much of America, would have a problem with it. Hell, even Romney himself said he’d use a religious test for his own administration, by excluding Muslims. So I guess that means Romney thinks it would be okay if another presidential candidate wanted to exclude Mormons from the cabinet? Someone should ask him.

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