More evidence UC Davis cops lied about pepper spray attack justification

“There was no way out of that circle,” she told the newspaper. “They were cutting the officers off from their support. It’s a very volatile situation.” – UC Davis police spokesperson

It just hit me. I was looking at more photos of the UC Davis protest, and realized that they’re claiming they were “surrounded” by the students SITTING ON THE GROUND. The students had formed a sit-in circle around the tent city to “stop” the police from crossing. Some of the cops were on the inside of the circle and now claim they couldn’t escape and feared for their lives, that’s why they had to pepper spray their way out of the dangerous piranha like circle.

Only problem? When you look at the now infamous video you see the cop that did the pepper spraying was IN THE “DANGEROUS” CIRCLE and simply stepped over the students and he was free. THEN he peppers sprayed the students, after quite easily leaving the circle.

Pepper spray cop simply stepping over
UC Davis sit-in protesters right before he attacked them.

How do you claim that you had to pepper spray the students in order to escape the circle when in fact you already escaped the circle by simply stepping over the students’ heads?  If there was “no way out of the circle” then how did the cop simply step out of the circle?

Check out this photo of Lt. Pepper Spray, right before he attacked the students.  He was behind them.  He walked up to their backs, quite easily stepped over them (the screen shot above), and then pepper sprayed them in the face.  The cops didn’t have to pepper spray their way out of the “dangerous circle,” which is what they’re now claiming.  And in fact, in order to spray the students in their faces, the cop had to leave the circle anyway.

Such liars.

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