Maddow on Mario Savio—”One thousand people sitting down can stop any machine, including this machine”

A couple of posts ago I talked about Mario Savio and the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, in the context of Occupy.

Here’s why — Rachel Maddow on the connection between Mario Savio and Occupy, a brilliant presentation and a necessary lesson in the history of resistance. (Click to open in a new tab.)

Be sure to watch at 4:26 in the clip as the modern cops attack the modern Occupy movement in Berkeley (November 9, this year).

There’s an especially vicious sucker-club to the gut by a “peace officer” against the only woman in the front row of protesters. Vicious, sadistic.

I can’t wait for the Mario Savio Free Speech Zone, sponsored by Miller Lite, Official Home of the Definition of Manliness. (You know they’re right cause you saw it on TV. You know you’re manly cause you bought it.)

Critical mass, folks. Now is the time.

My current thoughts on Occupy and what’s next are in this post. Some thoughts on Occupy as a constitutional revolution are here (skip to the end).


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