Imperial storm troopers guarding a bank. Imagine if they protected family planning clinics like this.

Sorry, I meant Portland police. Disseminated by Occupy Richmond, shot in Portland Oregon. Click the pic to see its full glory.

Hey, banks are people too. (Not imperial storm troopers? You decide.)


P.S. Reader Nat weighs in:

As a long-time pro-choice activist who has done much clinic escorting over the years, I’ve always thought, “What if this clinic was a bank, and these protesters were barricading themselves in front of it and in it to stop people from entering and exercising their rights?” I thought then, and it is obvious now with the pics we’ve seen, including the one posted at the top of AMERICAblog, that when it’s women’s rights, police will stand idly by as religious fanatics barricade a clinic, as was the case throughout the 1970s-1990s with Operation Rescue and others until the 1994 FACE law, but if it’s Wall Street, you get pepper sprayed, beaten, or otherwise molested even if you aren’t near a bank and are just peacefully protesting. The pro-choice movement, and others, should figure out how to use this police response as precedent regarding the ongoing harassment, intimidation, and murder of abortion providers and those women who seek their care, so when current abortion providers such as Jen Boulanger in Allentown, PA and Mila Means in Wichita, KS (google for more info), both have been featured on the Rachel Maddow show) are threatened with murder, or when transgendered people are targeted for hate crimes repeatedly in the same areas, and on and on, we must demand the same expenditure of law enforcement resources for our side.

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