Bigoted counseling student sues because she doesn’t want to counsel gays/trans

Too bad.  I am so tired of hearing the far right wrap their bigotry and hatred in God’s clothing.  You are entitled to any biblical beliefs you want – hell, the Mormons thought until recently that God made black people black because they turned against him.  And we have every right to label you a bigot.  Or, in the case of a school that accredits counselors, if a counselor tells her profs that she has no intention of counseling gay or trans people, then the school has the right to say the women is violating the ethical commitment she made in joining their program.

It’s just like the ambulance workers who don’t want to help trans and gay victims.  Or the local functionaries in NY state who don’t want to issue marriage licenses to gay people.  Then quit.  They’re not interested in preserving their religious rights, they’re interested in imposing their religion on their clients and thus depriving their clients of their right to access places of public accommodation.  They’re trying to limit our ability to live our lives, and they’re using their religion as a smokescreen for imposing their bigoted views on the rest of society.  Enough.

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