Why are the Feds bothering with marijuana?

Should this really be a priority? When you look at what has happened because of corruption on Wall Street and the loss of houses, loss of jobs and shattered lives from the shady behavior by the bankers, this should be such a low priority. Like many (most) Americans I smoked pot but haven’t done so in nearly twenty five years. I could absolutely care less about wasting federal money on pursuing this issue. I would support legalizing marijuana and taxing it but any other involvement by the government is a ridiculously big waste of time, money and resources. For goodness sake, leave it alone and worry about the bigger problems like jobs, the economy and the wars.

Federal prosecutors in California announced a series of actions Friday targeting what they characterized as the “large, for-profit marijuana industry” that has developed since the state legalized medical marijuana for select patients 15 years ago.

Four U.S. attorneys — Benjamin Wanger, Andre Birotte Jr., Laura Duffy and Melinda Haag — detailed in a joint press release and later press conference in Sacramento some steps that have been taken in conjunction with federal law enforcement and local officials in California.

They include letters of warning to landlords and lien holders of places in which marijuana is being sold illegally, “civil forfeiture lawsuits against properties involved in drug trafficking activity” and numerous criminal cases. The latter refers to arrests in recent weeks related to cases filed in federal courts in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento and Fresno, all part of an effort that Wagner claimed has resulted in the seizure of hundreds of pounds of marijuana, tens of thousands of plants and hundreds of thousands in cash.

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